The purpose of the Auction Steering Committee is to organize an event designed to raise funds to support the Fellowship while providing a fun and engaging experience for members. The Auction is held in the spring each year and is a favorite event for many members. A Steering Committee is formed each year to organize the auction. If you are interested in participating, email

Committee Activities:

    • Identify steering committee and schedule event
    • Staff volunteers
    • Solicit, receive, and input community donations
    • Solicit, receive, and input donations from the members
    • Organize the auction booklet both online and hard-copy
    • Develop power point display of Live items
    • Organize the accounting system
    • Pick up large donated items as needed
    • Set up silent auction donation display in the foyer and library
    • Set and decorate the Fellowship Hall
    • Buy, prepare and arrange food and drinks
    • Organize door prizes
    • Assign and hand out bid numbers, catalogs and door prize tickets
    • Direct auctioneers for live event
    • Organize kitchen staff needed during and after event
    • Direct Bartenders
    • Run the power point projector of Live items
    • Enter bids online
    • Provide receipts and collect money
    • Re-set Fellowship Hall
    • Run silent auction closing process
    • Run "For Sale" continuous-entry process
    • Thank donors and volunteers, especially non-members
    • Sell remaining tickets to fixed priced events for 3 Sundays
    • Publish donor receipts
    • Finalize auction item pick-ups and remaining payments
    • Thank volunteers and donors, especially non-members

Meeting Schedule:

The Steering Committee begins meeting about four months prior to the event and meets as needed. Smaller sub-committees may meet once or twice to organize particular aspects of the auction.

Volunteer Skills Needed:

  • strong organizational skills
  • accounting
  • sales
  • computer graphics & design

In addition to the Steering Committee, this event requires lots of additional hands on deck, particularly the last couple weeks and days before the event. Look for a comprehensive volunteer listing put out each spring.