We are all worthy of deep connection, and seek many ways to facilitate that. The Care Committee seeks to provide emotional and tangible support to members and friends who are experiencing illness, grief, or crisis and to support the minister in providing pastoral care.


We respect the privacy of our Fellowship’s members, and regard all Care Committee activities as confidential.

Committee Activities:

  •     Cards sent for life events such as bereavement, illness, and births
  •     A meal or two in cases of special need
  •     Visits to those recovering from serious illness or surgery, or for whom there are other special temporary needs

Meeting Schedule:

Second Thursday of each month at 12 noon in the Library

Volunteer Skills Needed:

  • Contact us with news of others’ needs with their permission at care@uufws.org.
  • Provide a meal
    • when you cook a bit extra at home, set aside a container to be frozen
    • label it with your name, date food was prepared, number of servings, contents (this is important for those with food allergies or sensitivities)
    • email Care Committee at care@uufws.org to tell us food is available
  • Join our list of supporters. Let us know if you
    • are willing to be contacted on an occasional basis to provide a meal for someone in need
    • can make an occasional visit to someone

Contact:  care@uufws.org