The Committee on Ministry (COM) at the Fellowship is in a process of changing models. We’ll likely take incremental steps towards becoming more of a committee to oversee the ministry (not the minister) of the Fellowship, and just what the process of taking those steps will be is still being determined.

Your Feedback Matters

As part of encouraging healthy communications at the Fellowship, the Committee on Ministry may be contacted via an online form about any situation at the Fellowship that needs review (or needs to be passed along as thanks / congratulations / compliment). The Committee on Ministry will review your comments and will contact you with acknowledgement or follow-up. Click here to complete the online form.

Committee Guidelines

  • A COM member must maintain absolute confidentiality. This includes using a personal email account that is not shared with or accessible to a partner, spouse, or other members of the household. The COM must operate at such a high level of trust within the congregation, thus actions and postures that promote trust are essential to its function.
  • The COM meets as needed and monthly meetings are indicated for program year 2018/2019 while strategic changes to the committee's model are determined and implemented. Since non-attendance significantly reduces the gathered wisdom and creativity of the committee, there is a high expectation of attendance at all meetings.
  • Anyone serving on the COM should relinquish all other major positions of leadership in congregational life. (This is not to say that a COM member can’t be on a committee, but they should not chair or lead a committee, task force, or team.) This helps the COM maintain total independence from all other aspects or agents of ministry in the congregation.
  • Membership in the COM is for three years, with a staggered rotation to help keep intact the committee’s historical memory and wisdom.
  • The COM must resist the tendency to become triangulated, and so must refuse to be responsible for the solution to any issues, concerns, or suggestions brought before it. The COM is only responsible for outlining a process that offers the opportunity of resolution or redemption.
  • The COM is ultimately accountable to the congregation and its mission, however the COM makes periodic reports to the board about the ministry of the congregation.

Volunteer Skills Needed:

The COM is elected by the Board of Trustees. The Board looks for the following skills when choosing nominees:

  • Listening
  • Counseling/Advising
  • Neutrality
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Flexible, patient, creative mindset
  • Skills in problem solving
  • Good sense of humor