The EcoSolutions group works together to support the Fellowship's mission to “protect and preserve the earth."

Committee Activities:

Our goal is to plan events that allow Fellowship members and friends to enjoy, educate, and engage around the issue of protecting our planet. To that end, we:

  • plan outings to get out into nature and enjoy all that it offers
  • sponsor events to educate each other on the important issues of the day regarding environmental sustainability and related topics
  • enable members to engage, independently and together, to do our part to protect and preserve our planet
  • maintain the Fellowship's Green Sancuatary certification

Meeting Schedule:

EcoSolutions meets quarterly. Sign-up for EcoSolutions emails to learn about the dates/times of the meetings, or check the Fellowship calendar.

Volunteer Skills Needed:

  • nature lovers
  • trip leaders:  hiking, boating, nature walks, birding, biking, camping and more
  • event planners or anyone with good organizational skills
  • knowledge of sustainable practices and environmental sustainability
  • thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn
  • anyone who enjoys being in the great outdoors

Important Documents