The Grounds Committee serves to organize the work to keep the Grounds areas looking attractive, safe, and serving their purpose properly.

Committee Activities:

  • weeding by hand or with tools
  • clearing/blowing brush, branches, or leaves
  • applying mulch
  • trimming/pruning trees and shrubs
  • controlling poison ivy
  • discussing nature with a nice drink, often a good beer
  • maintaining the following special areas:
    • UU entrance garden
    • front sign garden
    • meditation garden
    • rain garden
    • parking lot berms
    • RE outdoor class space
    • RE hill
    • wild meadow space
    • houses buffer strip
    • houses front yard
    • walking path
    • and more
  • assist the Memorial Committee on occasion
  • assist with overflow parking for certain services or events
  • put out ice melt products, as needed.
  • manage bird houses

Meeting Schedule:

  • "Something for Everyone" full day Saturday work days are scheduled about 4 times a year to accommodate family and individual's schedules. Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon beer are served. Work is available for all ages.
  • Half-day Saturday morning work usually happens on the 2nd Saturday in months without a full day event.
  • Committee planning meetings happen 2- 3 times a year.

Volunteer Skills Needed:

  • knowledge of landscaping, plants and gardening
  • can weed, rake, cut or shovel
  • can help with food, drinks or grilling on Full Day workdays
  • manage a task or joyfully participate
  • unload and apply mulch
  • run a leaf blower
  • can use a chainsaw and other tools
  • have a truck or trailer to get mulch