The Fellowship earns 6% of the total value of Lowes Foods Cards that our members and friends purchase through us. If you shop at Lowes, please participate. We netted over $1,000 in the first three months of sales!


What exactly are these Lowes Foods cards, and how do these cards work?

Through a special program offered by Lowes Foods, the Fellowship is able to purchase Lowes cards from the Lowes Headquarters at a 6% discount.  Then you buy from the Fellowship at face value what we all normally call “gift” cards, but are called “cash” cards in this program (since you use them like cash for yourself, mostly, although you can still give them away if you want as gifts).  These cards are *not* the same thing as your Lowes Fresh Rewards frequent shopper card, which you can get at the Lowes store (like a Harris-Teeter VIC card or Food Lion MVP card).  You use these cards like a debit or gift card to pay for all or part of your grocery purchase by swiping the card through the card reader at the checkout.  You will have already presented your Fresh Rewards card to the cashier (or scanned it at the self-checkout) first.  (For those who don’t normally shop at Lowes Foods, the Fresh Rewards card entitles you to various discounts, including being able to use it at Wilco-Hess gas stations to get discounts on gas.)

What amounts are the cards? Do they expire? How do I know how much is left on a card? What do I do with the “empty” card?

The cards are available in $25 and $100 amounts, so you may purchase any variation on those figures.  They do not expire, except if you don’t use one at all for 18 consecutive months, Lowes will start subtracting a service charge from the card. Your grocery receipt after your purchase is completed will indicate near the bottom how much is left on your card if you didn’t use it all up.  Unfortunately, this program is not set up to allow reloadable/reusable cards, so when your card is empty, you can let the cashier throw it away for you, throw it away yourself, or turn it into some kind of craft project if you feel inspired that way.  (Hopefully eventually Lowes will set up a way to collect used cards for recycling.)

What can I purchase at Lowes with these cards--any limitations?

You can buy anything in the Lowes store with these cards except Western Union services, Red Box Movie Rentals, and lottery tickets.  

Why Lowes Foods instead of one of the other area stores like Harris-Teeter?

Lowes Foods is the only grocery in this area that is offering this kind of fundraising opportunity.  As a bonus, Lowes is actually based in Winston-Salem, so it’s a local business supporting local nonprofits through this program.  They also have a “Buy Local” initiative in place where they are committed to selling many products from NC, SC, and VA.

I’d like to participate, except I never shop at Lowes Foods and don’t live near one. Any options for me?

You can buy Lowes cash/gift cards from us and use them to buy OTHER store gift cards that are available on the gift card racks for places you do tend to shop for yourself or for gifts--merchants such as Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, TJ Maxx, Amazon, BP or Shell Gas, Target, etc.--dozens of options.  There is a Lowes close to the UU Fellowship on Robinhood Road in the Sherwood Plaza Shopping Center, so you could pop by there after services some Sundays to get some other gift cards using your Lowes cards when it’s birthday/holiday time (or just to support your own Starbucks or Amazon habit).  

How do we pay for these Lowes cards when we buy them at the Fellowship?

We can accept cash in exact amounts or preferably checks.  Checks should be made out to UUF or UUFWS, with a note in the memo line at the bottom that the check is for “Lowes cards.”

When and where are these cards sold at the Fellowship?

We will generally be selling them in the foyer after services two Sundays a month (with dates publicized in advance on the sign in the Announcements area in the foyer and on the UUFWS Members Discussion Group page on Facebook).  They are also available for purchase from Cathy Kelley in the Office during her regular office hours on weekdays.  We were originally aiming for first and third Sundays but have realized we need to be flexible about that from time to time, depending on when various holidays fall, etc.

Questions?  See Joyce Townson or Katherine Acenas, or email