The purpose of the Stewardship Committee is to provide support for all aspects of stewardship at the Fellowship in order to fulfill the congregationally affirmed mission and vision. 

Committee Activities 

  1. Move the congregation toward a culture of abundance 
  2. Design programs which focus on that culture of abundance
  3. Develop an attitude of gracious giving
  4. Celebrate successes of the Fellowship community
  5. Recognize and acknowledging generosity of Fellowship members, within  and outside of the Fellowship community
  6. Work with the Coordinator and the Membership Committee to welcome all new members and integrate them into our congregation
  7. Make stewardship presentations to potential new members at the Pathways classes
  8. Organize the Annual Fund Drive
  9. Establish a Bequest Society for the UUFWS Endowment Fund 

Meeting Schedule

The Stewardship Committee meets at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Thursday of each month. The subcommittees (Annual Fund Drive, Planned Giving/Endowment, and Education/Joy of Giving) meet as needed.

Volunteer Skills Needed

Committee Members Need to Have:

  1. Passion about the congregation and Unitarian Universalism
  2.  “Convening Authority"- a recognized ability to excite and engage people around a vision of generosity; an ability to motivate people to give and  think generously
  3. Ability to think big and focus on the long term
  4. Patience and commitment to work for change over a three year period
  5. Communication skills using various media
  6. Analytical skills to assess progress and financial skills to understand operating budgets and projections
  7. Ability to speak about stewardship: generosity, money, gratitude, gifts

Contact:  stewardship@uufws.org