Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem brings together women who care about the economic and social well-being of all women and girls in Forsyth County. Members of The Women’s Fund help identify the needs in our community, then vote with their hearts and dollars to support projects that meet those needs. Through the power of collective giving, members of The Women’s Fund seek to address the root causes of problems by supporting projects that bring about social change rather than simply provide social services. 

UU Women's Fund Team

UU Women’s Fund Team members contribute annually to the Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem, and participate in many ways with fellow UU members and supporters, including: 

  • attend “Social Change Exchanges" together
  • work on committees together
  • discuss and vote as a team on grants that are awarded to local organizations and initiatives addressing the needs of women and girls in Forsyth County

Membership is always open. Click here for the membership form.

For more information, visit the Women's Fund website at  womensfundws.org.

To join or learn more, contact the UU Team leader at:  womensfund@uufws.org


Photo:  Some of the UU Women's Fund Team participants visit the WS Foundation office, June 2015