Hours:  Sundays: 8:45 am - 12:15 pm

The nursery is available during both services and inbetween in the Murray Room.

  • 9am Service - we accept children up to age 5
  • Inbetween servcies - we accept children up to age 5 if parents are participating in adult education 
  • 11am Service - we accept children up to age 3 (older children may join an age appropariate Sunday School class - click here for details)
  • Other Days of the week - the nursery is used as needed during Fellowship events and some meetings. Check with the event organizer to determine when child care is available.

Staff:  Robin Giddings

Our youngest children are cared for by dedicated Nursery Staff Robin Giddings and assisted by experienced volunteers. Robin received a BA degree in Birth-Kindergarten Child Development from UNCG and taught children with special needs at UNCG for several years. She is currently teaching at Sedge Garden Elementary in an Exceptional Children’s preschool class.

“I feel so lucky to be a part of the UU through the nursery. It gives me a chance to meet and support new families and hopefully put them at ease while they gather together. Being a part of watching these children grow is so special to me." 

Settling Room

Should you need a place to nurse or otherwise care for or settle your Nursery age child, we invite you to use our Settling Room located next to the Nursery in the Whitney Young Room.  There is a stereo in the Settling Room which may be tuned to hear the Worship Service.