Summer Schedule 

(mid-May through August)

During the summer months, mid-May through Labor Day weekend, we offer just one worship service on Sundays at 10:30am. The rest of the year we offer two different services, at 9am and 11am.


School Year Schedule

(Septbember through mid-May)

9am AWAKE service 

  • Expect a smaller, more intimate experience. This service generally includes more music and a variety of alternative creative expressions. There is no formal sermon. Instead a participatory experience is emphasized.  This is a more intimate, interactive, musical and meditative experience where seekers and skeptics are welcome.

11am TRADITIONAL service 

  • Expect to sing hymns, hear readings, enjoy an engaging sermon, and connect with a larger group. This service also includes a “story for all ages” directed at our children before they leave to attend Sunday School. This is a more traditional service with a bit more order to it.

At both services expect to be inspired, challenged, comforted, opened, loved, and lifted up. Our Sunday worship experiences are designed to create connections within, among, and beyond us, calling us to our better selves.



  • At both services there’s a well-staffed nursery available for younger children.
  • At 9:00am children 8 and under are invited  to stay in the nursery if they prefer. Older children are invited to stay with their families and participate in the service.
  • At 11:00am newborns to young 3's are invited in the nursery.  Families with older children begin in the service together. After the opening elements of the service and after hearing a story, kids have an opportunity to go to an age-appropriate Religious Education class with their peers. (learn more)
  • There are activity packs available during both services for kids who prefer to stay with their families.
  • Newcomers to the 11am service are invited to arrive by 10:40am and get a tour and orientation to the Religious Education program and classrooms before the service begins.

What to Wear, Where to Park

Dress however you’re comfortable. Some people wear suits and ties, and others prefer jeans and sneakers. It’s a great way to celebrate diversity! Reserved visitor parking is available along the front of the building.

Why Worship?

In worship we come together to affirm our connection to one another and to the larger world. We lift up our values, things we find “of worth” (this is the ancient, literal meaning of “worship”), have an opportunity to reflect on our lives, and to refresh and renew ourselves for the week ahead.

After the Service

Plan to stay and share some fair trade coffee or tea and experience conversation and connection. Visit the Newcomers Room for the New Here Gathering after each service. There you will have an opportunity to ask questions, learn more about  Unitarian Universalism and the Fellowship, and get to know other newcomers. A  light snack is provided for these gatherings, and children are expected to attend with their family.

Listen to recent sermons here.