We are Unitarian Universalists with minds that think, hearts that love, and hands that are ready to serve.

This simple statement is a good entrance into understanding some Unitarian Universalist basics:

minds that think

We affirm the use of reason and science, and where new scientific studies conflict with matters of religious faith or church tradition, UUs come down on the side of science. We also acknowledge a realm of mystery that is best accessed through poetry, meditation, art, music and prayer. The human mind is a wondrous and multifaceted organ, and both hemispheres of the brain should be activated by religious experience and expression.

hearts that love

Unitarian Universalists strive to live lives of compassion and caring. In the Fellowship this translates to reaching out to members who need a little extra care, like rides to Fellowship activities, casseroles, and visits by members. Though no congregation can meet every need, the Fellowship seeks to provide just what our name suggests: fellowship, in times of both joy and sorrow.

hands that are ready to serve

By their fruits ye shall know them, suggests the Gospel according to Matthew, and Unitarian Universalists agree that religion is best which is measured in acts of service. At the Fellowship this takes many forms: We are careful stewards of the earth’s resources, we reach out to our neighbors both in Winston-Salem and around the world, and we stand publicly on the side of love on many moral issues of the day.

We covenant with each other to ensure good relationships as we work together to pursue these principles. Click here to read our Covenant.


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