The UU EcoSolutions Team is pleased to partner with the WSFC Schools, Women of Action, Piedmont Environmental Alliance, Every Tray Counts, the school board and others to make a difference in our community.

Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools use polystyrene trays in their cafeterias-- THOUSANDS each week go straight to the landfill. Polystyrene does not decompose and will remain on the planet indefinitely.

Speas Elementary School, just a few miles from the Fellowship, has been chosen as a pilot school to test composting. Speas will be switching to compostable trays on May 2! The students will be separating their food waste to send it with the trays to Gallins Family Farm to be turned into compost. This program will not only reduce waste going to our landfill, but it will teach our students about the impact their actions have on our environment, both in the immediate and the long term. We are hopeful that what starts at Speas will spread across the district.

Volunteers are needed as Compost Helpers in the Speas cafeteria. As a compost helper, you will help the students sort their food waste and put it in the proper receptacle as they exit the cafeteria with their class. Shifts are an hour an a half -- can you commit to at least two shifts from now to the end of the school year? 

Click here to sign up. Thanks for supporting this endeavor to help teach our children to care for our planet and bring sustainable changes to our community. 

Janet Loew
Gus Preschle
Co-Chair, EcoSolutions