Meals on Wheels opened three new slots on the Northside route this week: first Thursday and first and third Fridays.  Nearly a dozen UU volunteers already deliver on this route once or twice a month.  We hope you will too.

A dozen of us deliver Meals on Wheels, mostly on the Northside route.  The Fellowship  encourages new volunteers to choose Northside because this allows UUs already serving this route to trade days with one another instead of putting the responsibility on the MOW staff. From the time volunteers pick up boxes at Senior Services on Shorefair Drive until returning them empty takes about an hour.  It’s a rewarding experience in that volunteers know that their stops are beneficial socially at least as much as nutritionally.  Some UUs deliver by themselves, others with a partner.    

You may wish to talk with UUs who already deliver that route or ride with one of them: David Blair, Andi and Ken Ostberg, Patti Hubbard, Patty Goodrich, Pat and Tom McKay, Tim Prout and Donna Hatchett.  Please try to fit MOW in your schedule.  To arrange for a brief orientation and for further information, call the Senior Services MOW volunteer coordinator, Stacy Verner, direct at 721-6910.  Bob Stern is the Fellowship’s MOW coordinator: 759-0620.