Want to make a difference in the community and at the Fellowship?

SAC is looking for leaders to coordinate action on issues in the community and the State. This exciting opportunity has many levels and entry points. Once we get you started, you’ll have the autonomy to create your own action plan for the Fellowship.

Because volunteering with your friends is FUN as well as rewarding, we are also looking for someone to help identify events and initiatives for group participation – such as a wine party with our partners at the Diaper Bank! Help us help the community. We’ll teach you how. 

And, don’t forget that the 2020 election is right around the corner! If this is your area, SAC can put you in touch with the right people, so that YOU can help the Fellowship with non-partisan activities such as voter registration, voter education and ID acquisition, volunteering at the polls, and other impactful action. You can build your own team and design a participation plan!

If you want to be part of the change, email SAC@uufws.org or see Cynthia Dodge at the Fellowship.