On Thursday, August 29 at 6:30pm, Elisabeth Motsinger will facilitate our SECOND World Café.


This World Café is designed as a follow-up to the July 14th session so together we can continue to discuss, dream, and envision the Fellowship’s present and future. Light refreshments will be provided.

It is not necessary to have attended session one in order to participate in session two. But if you did attend session one you are welcome to attend and continue the discussion.

If you haven’t attended one before, a World Café is a discovery tool that helps a large group understand a set of issues at their own pace.

This is the second of three World Cafés we will hold this summer. After each World Café, participants will have the opportunity to dig more deeply into one of the themes we have uncovered during our session. In September we will meet to discuss what these teams have discovered and discuss how we can put the things we have learned into action.

Sign up here: https://uufws.breezechms.com/form/59aa5164