Feeding the Homeless - 12/13/2018

A team of volunteers from the UU Fellowship is needed to provide dinner for 30 guests at the overnight homeless shelter at Augsburg Lutheran Church on Thursday, December 13th. The shelter is part of the City With Dwellings program, a community-wide effort to provide emergency shelter in winter and to end homelessness. More information about the organization is available at citywithdwellings.org. Please sign up HERE to bring food and/or help to serve and clean up after the meal.

What would you do if...

In our modern world, it seems as though hardly a day goes by without hearing about a shooting, a devastating fire, a severe weather event, or some other violent situation that results in people being injured or even killed. Our new Safe Congregations Committee Chair, Max Goelling, would like to remind all of us to be more aware of our surroundings and to know how best to respond to emergencies such as a fire in our building, medical emergencies, and other events that can compromise our ability to gather peacefully. Over the course of the last few weeks, Max has taught classes, reviewed all of our policies, and coordinated with other committees to create new solutions to some of our safety challenges. In the coming weeks, he will distribute flyers, hang posters, and start training our new Watchful Shepherds. His goal is to help us all feel safe and to respond properly to emergency situations.

Winston Salem State University Holiday Concert

Come hear the incomparable Winston-Salem State University Singing Rams, Burke Singers and Singing Madonnas Sun., December 2nd, 4:00 - 5:30,  Kenneth R. Williams Auditorium, WSSU campus This is a FREE family-friendly event that you don’t want to miss. We will coordinate carpooling at the Fellowship. Contact sac@uufws.org for more information. Sponsored by the Social Action Council, Religious Education, the Multicultural Leadership Committee, and Fun and Games Committee