A big Chili Cook-Off THANK YOU!

We had a record turnout for the 9th Annual Chili Cook-Off! Everyone helped to make it successful by entering tasty chili, bringing salads/desserts, carting tables and chairs, washing up, and pitching in.  It was a delightful evening of Fellowship, thanks to all of you who participated and those who volunteered behind the scenes.  Click here to find out who judged and who won!

Imprints Cares is February Share the Plate Recipient

Imprints Cares is an early childhood education nonprofit, helping to break the cycle of poverty by giving children the early start they need in life. Imprints Cares provides families with the tools they need to raise children who are safe, healthy, and ready to learn. It also offers unique before and after school programs, summer enrichment, and tutoring services, which rely primarily on teachers who provide expanded learning in local schools to children in those schools.

Sign Up for Fellowship Dinner Circles

There is no better way to meet new people and form deep bonds than to share a meal together. Now is the time to sign up for spring Dinner Circles! The deadline to join this new round of dinner circles is Sunday, February 3. Please complete the online form. If you haven't yet tried our Fellowship Dinner Circles, they're a great way to get to know other UUs. Join with a partner, as a single, or as a family with children. Dinner Circles are groups of 6-8 people (plus children for Family Dinner Circles) that commit to having dinner in one another's homes approximately once a month. Dates, times, and menus are chosen by the group. If you're in a dinner circle now and you want to remain in one, YOU MUST SIGN UP AGAIN. Please fill out the online form. If you want to be in a Family Dinner Circle, indicate that by listing the names and ages of your children. Family Dinner Circles are assigned by childrens' ages whenever possible, and they sometimes meet at parks or at the Fellowship. If you have been in dinner circles with other couples multiple times and want to make sure you make new friends, please add that to the form so we can make sure that happens. You will be contacted in early February with your assignment. Questions? Email dinnercircles@uufws.org.

Feed the Community, Sustain Relationships

Excellent outreach opportunity. The work of countering racism is the work of building relationships. Our Fellowship is responding to a friendly invitation from Mount Moriah Outreach Center, 317 Jefferson Street in Kernersville, to pitch in with their food justice ministry. Note that they are not strapped for volunteers or for cash or canned goods, they're just inviting us into relationship with them. Click for complete details.

Urgent Need for Stewardship Volunteers

On December 16, we were able to successfully approve our 2019 budget, which generously included money for the Stewardship Committee. This money will hopefully allow us to put in place some creative solutions around our fellowship's need to connect to the mission of "Stewardship". We make so many important contributions to our community and within our own walls, and although there may be many uncomfortable emotions connected to discussions of money, it is a fact that much of what we do can not be done without the continuation of monetary commitments from fellowship members. There is an intricate connection. I began my work with the Stewardship Committee in May 2018 as a committee of 2, including myself as chair. I was lucky enough to secure the commitment of several other good-hearted volunteers to help with the Annual Fund Drive, and for this I am much appreciative. The fact remains, the stewardship of this fellowship is critical and somewhat lacking, and I need help. "Stewardship: the activity or job of protecting and being responsible for something." Protection and Responsibility. Please consider joining me in this important work in 2019. You may email me at stewardship@uufws.org. Thank you, Ann Roberts.

Feeding the Homeless - 12/13/2018

A team of volunteers from the UU Fellowship is needed to provide dinner for 30 guests at the overnight homeless shelter at Augsburg Lutheran Church on Thursday, December 13th. The shelter is part of the City With Dwellings program, a community-wide effort to provide emergency shelter in winter and to end homelessness. More information about the organization is available at citywithdwellings.org. Please sign up HERE to bring food and/or help to serve and clean up after the meal.