September Share the Plate - Interfaith Winston Salem

Interfaith Winston-Salem is committed to building bridges among those of different religions, beliefs, and viewpoints. In a time when our society is deeply polarized, IFWS brings people together through interfaith discussion groups, book clubs, tours, and festivals. IFWS also feeds the homeless and provides “compassion benches” for elementary schools. Brochures are in the lobby. Truman Dunn is the ambassador. All cash and designated checks (write “share” in the memo line) collected via the offering will be shared 50/50 with Interfaith during the month of September.

Stock Donations

If you are planning on making a donation of stock to the Fellowship, please remember to contact Cathy Kelley at or 336.659.0331 with the name of the donor, type of stock, number of shares and approximate date that the stock will be transferred into our account. This will allow for the immediate sale of the stock and avoid unidentified shares sitting in our account, possibly going down in value. Stock transfer instructions are on the UUFWS website under "Members", "Forms & Handouts". Thank you for your help with this.

Volunteer Opportunity -- At Home, On Your Own Time

The Worship Committee is searching for 4 volunteers to share the volunteer job of typing the weekly worship service bulletin (fondly referred to by some as the Order of Service, or OOS). This is a weekly job but if we have four volunteers then it's a once a month commitment. The only requirement is that you must be fairly familiar and comfortable with Microsoft WORD software, and have your own computer with WORD installed on it. Total time commitment is about 1-2 hours per issue. You can do this at home or remotely. Information sessions have been set up to learn more. If you think you might be interested, signup for one of these sessions and come find out more about this opportunity. THEN decide if this is a good fit for you.

Our Share the Plate Partner for August is Petree Elementary

Support of Petree Elementary School is a large part of our congregation-wide Social Justice focus. Share the Plate funds in August will help provide uniforms (navy, black or tan pants and navy, white or red shirts) for students in need.  Such clothing and gift certificates can also be donated outright through SAC. All cash and designated checks (write "share the plate" in the memo line) collected via the offering our worship services will be shared 50/50 with Petree Elementary during the month of August.

Gift List

Several Committees have asked about ways to let our Members and Friends know about special initiatives needing funding. These are items which our Fellowship has not been able to fund in the regular budget process. Recent donations of this sort have enabled us to install our high-tech security camera system and to appropriately fund our planned Website upgrade. Long-time members will recall our Approved Gift List which has served to communicate these needs in the past. The updated version is shown below and the website version will be updated as needed.

No Ice!

Our 17 year old ice maker is no longer working and it is beyond repair. As many of you heard, I made an unsuccessful plea at last year’s budget town hall to add the appropriate funds into Building Reserve and I reported at the May congregational meeting that the Building Reserve was negative. The Board put available funds from last year’s surplus into the reserve to cover the upcoming anticipated issue with the office HVAC, which has a freon leak. Unfortunately there is no money to replace the ice maker from the reserve until our pledge levels allow for adequate funding. All events need to bring their own ice. --Tom Ricono, Chair of Building Committee.