Help Petree Students Dress For Success:

The Fourth of July now marks the beginning of Back to School Sales for many retailers. Hard to believe, since graduation ceremonies are still recent memories. But watch those sales and clip those coupons to get the best deals on school clothes for Petree students. The school’s approved standard mode of dress includes solid color polo shirts (white, dark blue, light blue or red) and slacks, skirts, or skorts (navy, black, khaki or dark brown). Please begin filling the basket under the Social Action Table with donated clothing items for boys or girls in sizes 6-12.

Sierra Club Endangered Species Walk, Saturday, Jun 28

Vance Parker is leading a Sierra Club outing this Saturday to the NC Zoo. This should be a good one for kids and families. The zoo educator will show us different endangered animal species at the zoo, and explain what the zoo is doing to help preserve these animals. In addition, she will host an up close "meet and greet" with the zoo's education animals. The entire program will last about 2 hours, so there will be plenty of time for guests to visit the rest of the zoo on their own if they want.

US National Whitewater Center Adventure, Charlotte, Saturday, Aug 9

A bus will take us to the US Whitewater Center in Charlotte for an all day outdoor adventure. With more than 24 activities, the USNWC creates an outdoor playground for all ages. Activities that include whitewater rafting and kayaking, flat water kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, zip lines and ropes courses are available to all ages and skill levels.

Beloved Community

Visit to join 1000 other UU's who will create the Beloved Community at Radford University, VA, July 20-26, 2014. Borrow one of the blue program brochures at the bulletin board by the office door in the foyer. You will be amazed at the variety of opportunities available at this outstanding annual Institute for all ages. It's not too late to register! Andrea Morrison.

DRE and Rev. Lisa to be at General Assembly

Director of Religious Education (DRE) Pam Lepley and Rev. Lisa Schwartz will both be working off-site in the coming week, attending the Unitarian Universalist annual General Assembly in Providence, Rhode Island. Their availability to answer calls and emails will be limited, but they'll be hard at work representing the Fellowship and ready to bring back all they learn!

Petree News

We’ve surpassed the 90% mark on our promised contribution to Petree Elementary School. Thanks to a recent donation from Tropical Smoothie Café, we have reached $5,526.31, which puts us at 92% of our $6,000 target. Although we have until August to reach this year’s goal, we will be sending a $1,000 contribution to Petree for student field trips and an additional $4,000 contribution to support the weekend backpack program to help feed students when they are away from school on weekends and holidays.

Calling All Clergy and Congregations: Moral Monday, June 23, 2014: We are Standing on the Side of Love!

A special invitation is extended to people of all faiths to attend this Monday’s Moral Monday, 5 p.m. on the Halifax Mall, behind the General Assembly building in Raleigh. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of the “fierce urgency of now,” and said, “There is such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action.” Come to this Big Tent moment and experience the unity of . . .

From the Care Committee

The Care Committee wants to thank all those members who help us by visiting those people who can’t make it on Sunday, preparing meals for those who need one, and otherwise help us out. We can’t do it alone. On our part, the Committee took extra flowers from the Flower Communion to our shut-ins. We provide a flowering plant for those persons who have lost a close loved-one, as well as providie cards for those who are sick or just need a loving contact.