Holey, Holy, Wholly

Sunday, 07.14.2019
The Rev. Kimberley Debus
People find wisdom in a variety of places – folk tales, sacred texts, nature, the words of prophetic people, music. The Rev. Kimberley Debus adds to that list popular culture – specifically, movies and tv shows – in particular, those I find well written and which speak to something deeper than entertainment: Star Trek, M*A*S*H, and of course, The West Wing.

Speaking Truth to Power

Sunday, 07.7.2019
The Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz
The United States is embroiled in a seemingly endless, costly war in a distant land. Civil liberties are curtailed. There is mounting evidence of governmental lies and cover-ups. The story has an eerily familiar ring… but the year is 1971, the war is in Vietnam, and the tales of collusion and lies are closer to home. The tale of the Pentagon Papers is now familiar—but less so is the story about how a small liberal religious group (the UUA) and their publishing house (Beacon Press) played a key role in disclosing the truth, in defiance of the U.S. government and even the President of the United States.

Places and Traces

Sunday, 06.30.2019
Rabbi Andrew Ettin
When we travel not because we have to but because of our own desires, what motivates us? What are we looking for? Why do we have to "go there" instead of being satisfied with where we are or with others' descriptions and maybe better photos? The good Rabbi Andrew Ettin is one of the Fellowship’s most beloved guest speakers, and we’re honored to host him.

Shine a Light: How Community and Sanctuary Helped in My Healing

Sunday, 06.23.2019
The Rev. Shakeisha Gray
The Fellowship’s former Ministerial Intern, Shakeisha Gray, graduated from seminary in May of 2018. Ten days later, driving with her young son to get their new, post-graduation puppy, she was struck by a careless driver running a red light. Shakeisha will reflect on her past year of working towards healing, cultivating sacredness in the mundane, and how this Fellowship helped remind her of the belovedness of community.

May We Inherit His Sun

Sunday, 06.16.2019
The Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz
Ideas about fatherhood (and indeed, parenting in general) have shifted dramatically over the past century. Everything from their role as secondary caregivers to their role as primary disciplinarians has turned upside down for many dads. On this Father’s Day Sunday Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz explores the complicated and changing roles of fathers, and the sometimes profound differences today’s children experience as they are “fathered” in new ways.

The Blue-Green Hills of Earth: Flower Communion Sunday

Sunday, 06.9.2019
The Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz
An important part of Unitarian Universalism is the sense of mystery and wonder that triggers a “wow!” feeling inside us. We take some time to draw our gaze outward, from our Fellowship to the Milky Way Galaxy – and then come back to the blue-green hills of Earth, and our sense of care for all creatures.

The Beloved Community of Which We Dream

Sunday, 05.12.2019
Mariela Pérez-Simons
What is this Beloved Community we so often talk about and how do we get there? On this Mother's Day, our ministerial intern Mariela Pérez-Simons explores the role of Love in building beloved community and how it can propel us in that direction. She shares her vision for our Fellowship’s full, celebratory embrace of racial/ethnic diversity.

Signs of Terror, Signs of Hope

Sunday, 04.21.2019
The Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz
Easter invites us to look at theological ideas of salvation, and to consider potent symbols of terror and torture in the profound light of human hope. Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz explores the interconnected possibilities of reconciliation and restoration in the cross and the lynching tree, informed by the theology of James H. Cone.