The White Entitlement Controversy to Black Lives of UU

Sunday, 03.4.2018
The Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz
When the Unitarians and Universalists merged in 1961 they brought together over a century of diligent work for racial justice. Yet in 1969 Unitarian Universalism was almost destroyed by a conflict that led most of the black delegates to General Assembly, along with many white supporters, to walk out in protest. By 1982 the UUA had pledged to become a “racially equitable institution,” but the effort hasn’t been easy… or particularly successful. In July 2015 Black Lives of UU Organizing Collective was founded. What’s all the struggle about, and will there ever be an end to it?

The Color of Privilege

Sunday, 02.25.2018
The Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz
Privilege means that there are benefits or preferences that advantage one person (gender, race, religion) over another. It doesn’t mean the privileged group desires or seeks out the benefits, or even that they enjoy their status. But privilege unacknowledged is privilege we can’t address, let alone redress. Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz explores the continuing theme of racism in the sermon today.

Giving Life the Shape of Justice

Sunday, 01.28.2018
The Rev. John Saxon
In the song, Spirit of Life, we sing about “giving life the shape of justice.” But how, as religious progressives, do we transform our words into action and ground our social justice work in our shared liberal faith and values? Today’s guest speaker, the Rev. John Saxon, served as the Assistant and then Lead Minister of the UU Fellowship of Raleigh from 2010 to 2017. He is currently the interim director of the newly reorganized UU Justice Ministry of NC (

Chokehold: The Color of Justice

Sunday, 01.14.2018
The Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz
Statistics tell us that the criminal justice system is weighted heavily against people of color, particularly against black men. Rates of being stopped by police, brutalized, arrested, jailed, and sentenced to time in prison are dramatically higher among black and brown brothers and sisters. Many people work to change the system. But what if the system is doing exactly what it’s designed to do?

Easy as Pie: Ethical Eating for Everyone

Sunday, 11.26.2017
Nathan Peifer
Unitarian Universalists are called on to partake of a delicious opportunity: In our ongoing free and responsible search for truth, and quest to respect the interdependent web of existence, we’re invited to explore our relationship to food, and through it, the earth and ourselves. Guest speaker Nathan Peifer is a graduate of Wake Forest Divinity School.