Intimacy with All Things

Sunday, 09.3.2017
Mariela Perez-Simons
Mariela Perez-Simons, recently named Meadville-Lombard’s Presidential Scholar for 2017-2020, has been a popular lay speaker and retreat leader in our Fellowship in years past. Now she is beginning seminary in preparation for the Unitarian Universalist ministry, and she will begin her service as the Fellowship's Intern Minister beginning in the fall of 2018. In this intergenerational service, Mariela tells her journey from being raised a Communist Atheist in Cuba to beginning the preparation for UU ministry, right here in Winston-Salem.

Water Service: Like Rivers Flowing to the Sea, We're Coming Home

Sunday, 08.27.2017
The Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz
From running stream to rising cloud, from ocean depths to the skim of ice on muddy puddles, water covers the earth. It makes up most of our bodies, and is an essential component of life as we know it. The annual “water service” symbolically reconstitutes the Fellowship as we prepare to begin a new church year.

The Dilemma of Whiteness

Sunday, 08.13.2017
The Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz
Ours is a society that strives to be “color blind,” essentially claiming that race is irrelevant, yet we are deeply divided around matters of race. There is a pressing need for honest explorations of what it means to be white in America, yet many white people feel so fragile around the topic that they avoid it at any cost. If you think (or even hope) that it is possible to be white in America and still be an anti-racist activist, this sermon could be an important one.

Our Pride and Joy

Sunday, 08.6.2017
The Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz
The Fellowship celebrates our youth who recently graduated from high school and are moving on to new adventures this fall. We honor our graduates as they cross this important threshold, and we’ll hear from them about how the Fellowship has supported and challenged them along their journey. Speakers: Alex Carpenter and Josie Armstrong

The Journey Is Home

Sunday, 07.16.2017
Lauraina Levwood
Finding home is a human need, but it isn't always easy. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, many of us long for home, for a place to belong, but sometimes we don't exactly know where it is, or how to get there. Our guest speaker is Fellowship member Lauraina Levwood, who will begin Divinity School this fall at Wake Forest University. She guides us in exploring the value of choosing to belong.

Straddling the Fault Line

Sunday, 07.9.2017
The Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz
This has been an historic year for Unitarian Universalism, with some high-profile resignations and hard institutional truths to grapple with — and the year’s just half over. Rev. Lisa has recently returned from General Assembly where, among other items of business, we elected our first woman President of the UUA. This is Rev. Lisa’s first opportunity to report on that experience, and make some predictions for the future of our faith movement.