The Journey Is Home

Sunday, 07.16.2017
Lauraina Levwood
Finding home is a human need, but it isn't always easy. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, many of us long for home, for a place to belong, but sometimes we don't exactly know where it is, or how to get there. Our guest speaker is Fellowship member Lauraina Levwood, who will begin Divinity School this fall at Wake Forest University. She guides us in exploring the value of choosing to belong.

Straddling the Fault Line

Sunday, 07.9.2017
The Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz
This has been an historic year for Unitarian Universalism, with some high-profile resignations and hard institutional truths to grapple with — and the year’s just half over. Rev. Lisa has recently returned from General Assembly where, among other items of business, we elected our first woman President of the UUA. This is Rev. Lisa’s first opportunity to report on that experience, and make some predictions for the future of our faith movement.

Flowers for Dad! Flower Communion Service

Sunday, 06.18.2017
The Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz
Fathering is a complicated topic, and sometimes it seems like just when a dad has parenting and partnering all figured out, the landscape changes. Sometimes the shifts are seismic. What makes a good dad, in this day and age? Wencelebrate our annual Flower Communion today, and honor dads (and others) with blooms from our gardens, the grocery store, or even wildflowers from the roadside.

Creating a Living Ministry: A Personal View

Sunday, 05.28.2017
Jeanette Leardi
Our guest speaker for this service is Jeanette Leardi, a teacher, writer and consultant. She is particularly interested in creative writing, journaling and writing for spiritual expression. Here is a quote describing her outlook:"Communication in all its forms is my passion. I believe that all successful ventures are based on relationship and that successful relationships are based on the clear, intentional sharing of ideas, needs, questions — and answers."

Process Theology

Sunday, 05.14.2017
The Rev. Dr. David Calhoun
Whether you accept or reject the idea of God, if your version of God is an anthropomorphic being of perfected human characteristics, your God is too small. Process theology offers a way to re-think the idea of God, outside the common attributes of omnipotence and omniscience (and coercion and punishment). Process theology affirms that humanity is free and responsible, and the future is not fixed and immutable. Sabbatical Support Minister the Rev. Dr. David Calhoun talks about the process of theology, and also the process of rejoining the congregation’s passion and our purpose with Rev. Lisa’s as we prepare to re-enter a collaborative covenant of shared ministry with her.