Love's Lessons

Sunday, 02.12.2017
The Rev. Cheryl M. Walker
Love's Lessons: A Valentine to all of us from our guest speaker, the Rev. Cheryl M. Walker. Rev. Cheryl has served as the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Wilmington since 2009. Before that she spent four years as the Assistant Minister of the Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York. She is currently the President of the UU Ministers Association.

Living Consciously

Sunday, 02.5.2017
The Rev. Dr. David Calhoun
Many philosophical positions tell us to be aware, to know ones’ self. The higher form of consciousness, we say, the more advanced the form of life. We judge when to end life in medical scenarios by the likelihood of regaining consciousness. What is consciousness, and how do we seek (or avoid) it? Rev. Dr. David Calhoun, the Fellowship’s Sabbatical Support minister, explores the topic of consciousness, at once our greatest blessing and our greatest burden.

Embodied Resolutions

Sunday, 01.29.2017
Shakeisha Gray, Intern Minister and William Levwood, M.Div.
A new year usually brings with it a new resolution to transform your body, whether it's eating healthier, exercising more, or just plain ol' losing weight. Ministerial Intern Shakeisha Gray, along with Fellowship member and UU Chaplain Resident William Levwood (whose first career was as a professional dancer), look at transforming ourselves and our bodies … but not in the ways you might think.

Build the Team to Achieve the Dream

Sunday, 01.15.2017
The Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz
On December 18, the Fellowship voted in a new focus for our the part of our mission that calls us to “work for peace and justice.” Namely, we have committed our human, financial, and spiritual resources to ending the racial and economic disparities in local education. On her final Sunday before Sabbatical Rev. Lisa will help kick off this new focus.

Chalica: A Principled Celebration

Sunday, 12.4.2016
The Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz
Unitarian Universalists are widely curious about other religious traditions, and our interests lead us to explore many religious and spiritual celebrations of winter holidays. A decade ago UUs developed a holiday of our own: Chalica. We’ll explore how to make the principles personal, and kick off our own non-commercial celebration of service and learning! The Chalica Story on the Fellowship You Tube site can be found here: