Bidding Procedures
for the Virtual Live Auction

  1. All bidders must be registered. If you haven’t already registered, please go to the Auction Website at and do so before the auction starts.
  2. Please be sure to have your first and last names on your picture in Zoom.
  3. All bids will be made using the Chat feature in Zoom. If you want to bid, you need to be using a device that allows you to post in Chat. Not all tablets or phones have that capability, so please check that you can access Chat on your device. We have folks monitoring Chat but we can’t always see if you “raise your hand’ in Zoom.
  4. Events such as dinners or parties will have multiple winners. The procedure for determining those winners is as follows:
    • When there are no other raises to the bid, the highest bidder up to that point will be declared the winner. They will then have the opportunity to state how many “places at the table” they want.  For example, Joe Biden has the winning bid of $150 for a dinner and there are 8 available tickets to that dinner. Joe can then choose how many tickets he wants at $150 apiece. He chooses 2, which means he would pay $300.  We will then go to the next highest bidder, Kamala Harris, and ask if she wants to purchase any tickets for $150 apiece and if so, how many. If she says 2 (for $300) then we would go to the NEXT highest bidder and keep going until all the tickets are sold.  We will use Chat to determine who is next in line, so if you really, really want a place at the table, you need to keep bidding to stay at the front of the line.
  5. The auctioneer reserves the right to end the bidding if bids reach a certain level. For example, a party of event with 20 people may reach a bid of $120. At that point, the auctioneer can declare the bidding over and we will use the Chat as above to offer places at the table to the highest bidders up to that point. If we exhaust our list of bidders, we will then open it up for others who wish to purchase tickets for $120. Again, we will use Chat to determine who gets the next opportunity.
  6. We take no responsibility for wonky or slow internet connections. You’ll need to take that up with your ISP.
  7. We are determined to do the best we can with this format and we realize there are limitations. Please be patient. Things went well last year and we don’t anticipate any major glitches. However, we are all volunteers and sometimes we make mistakes or miss a bid. We apologize in advance for those errors but we hope everyone gets in the spirit of the auction.  We want to raise money and have a good time doing so!