Humanism with heart

A Message from Rev. Kayla Parker & Gregg Jamback, Board President

Dear UUFWS Members and Friends,

It is our sad duty to inform you that on Monday, August 28, the HVAC units of the Fellowship were removed and stolen. No people were physically harmed, and the physical building was not defaced or broken into. We are grateful for these realities, and we know this is still a violation of space.

We want to take a moment to share with you what we know, and what we don’t yet know.

What we know…

Big Picture:

  • We have a team of volunteers and staff that have been working together. We are so grateful to all those involved.
  • All of the necessary logistical follow-ups are taking place. The insurance company is being communicated with and the police have come and filed a report.
  • This was about resources, not about hate. There were no messages of hate left, and the building was not broken into or vandalized in any way.

About this week:

  • If you are the leader of an event in the fellowship this week, we encourage you to check-in with your people and hear what their health needs are. You might bring a pitcher of water from the kitchen for folks in your group, and bring or grab a box fan on loan. Or, your folks might prefer to meet somewhere else or on zoom. Email if you need a link.

About Sunday, September 3:

  • Rabbi Andrew Ettin will still be in the pulpit.  It will likely be kinda hot in the Fellowship Hall despite our efforts to patch together some cooling. We encourage those with health concerns, heat sensitivity, or those who just plain don’t like the heat to join us via zoom:
  • As previously planned given the holiday weekend, there are no RE classes for children and youth.
  • The nursery will only be open from 10:15am – end of service.

What we don’t know:

  • Who stole these HVACs and why they did so. It is likely we will have no answer to this.
  • When our HVAC units will be able to be replaced (though folks are working on that).
  • What our inbetween solution will be (though folks are working on that, too).

If you’d like to process this in community:

  • On Wednesday, August 30th from 4:30-6pm our Lay Pastoral Associates will be hosting a zoom room for any members, friends and visitors who would like to process this together in community. To attend:

What you can do to help:

  • If you have a box fan the fellowship can use in this inbetween time, we’d love for you to put your name on it in some way and drop it off at the fellowship. If doors are locked, please leave outside the main doors under the overhang. If doors are open, please leave in the alcoves on either side of the fireplace.

One last thing we know is that as Unitarian Universalists we see with wide eyes the inequity in our world, and know the resources and wealth we have as a fellowship. We long for a day that we all have what we need to survive and thrive. It is our hope that in the coming years our Fellowship can be a part of the movement of those working to redistribute resources intentionally, and work towards that world of true equity we dream about.

With Love,
Rev. Kayla Parker, Minister
Gregg Jamback, Board President