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The Mission Statement of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Winston-Salem is:

We strive to foster spiritual growth,
care for each other,
protect and preserve the earth,and
work for peace and justice.

This year your Stewardship Committee chose the phrase “Funding our Mission” to represent our Annual Fund Drive.

Our Fellowship members and friends have been doing a lot of “Mission” work this year. COVID has had a great impact on all of us, and our staff, and our Care Committee have been actively staying in touch, and directly supporting, a large number of us, whether personally or via Zoom events. The Membership Committee kept virtual dinners and other “gatherings” alive as well. Our membership raised funds and implemented much needed and long delayed repairs to our building and grounds. For example, many dead trees were removed, the old house was removed, sewer pumps were replaced, new kitchen equipment purchased, and new carpet is coming soon. This Fellowship has explored and created new ways of delivering our Sunday Services, outreach, and education – thanks Tech Team. Our social justice work continues with active community involvement in a variety of areas. The EcoSolutions group has conducted environmental education, sermons, forums as well as promoted outings and ethical eating opportunities. A lot HAS been going on and a lot IS going on.

This year your pledge will help us:

  • Fully fund our UUA dues – which we haven’t done for several years
  • Financially support our Ministerial Search Committee
  • Fund our increased childcare because we will, once again, be gathering together
  • Fund the Tech Team – so everyone in our community has the ability to join us even when they can’t be with us in person
  • Reward our staff for going the extra mile during COVID.
  • Increase Caron Armstrong’s salary so it matches the work she is doing

Funding our Mission means making a firm commitment to each and every member of the UU Community.

By making your pledge during our annual fund drive you will help us build our future.

We hope you can see that our Fellowship is ACTING on our MISSION. Now let’s strongly and emphatically FUND our MISSION.

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Proposed Budget Allocation