Article II and the Proposed 8th Principle

Article II of the UUA Bylaws and the Proposed 8th Principle

As a community, we are part of a vibrant, living tradition. UU faith calls us to remain open to new insights and understandings of the world, its needs and possibilities. Our tradition invites faithful reflection on how we practice and live into Unitarian Universalism. We are called to discernment today through the revision of Article II of our bylaws. Unitarian Universalists serving on the Article II Study Commission have developed new ways of expressing and centering our core values and congregations are invited to review the proposed new language in preparation for a vote at General Assembly this June. We hope everyone will take part and connect more deeply with our faith and theology.

How to Review, Discuss and Propose Amendments to the Proposed Article II Revisions

The UUA website has full details on how to review, discuss and propose amendments. There is an online discussion portal as well as workshops available to everyone. Click here for full details.

What About the 8th Principle?

One important question that has emerged in the conversation about the Article II revision is connected to the 8th Principle Project and what the hundreds of congregations who have adopted the 8th Principle should do if Article II is revised. We share a response from a foundational leader of the 8th Principle Project, Dr. Paula Cole Jones. (Click the video below or watch on YouTube.)

Article II Online Resources

For the past two years, the Article II Study Commission engaged thousands of UUs in theological reflection and thoughtful discernment about what is at the heart of our living tradition. The passionate responses they received indicated some important consensus about what it means to be UU. They integrated this feedback into their proposed revision of Article II. CLICK HERE to get the proposal, report, and a wealth of resources to engage in faithful discernment ahead of General Assembly this June. 

Congregations will Vote at GA

Delegates from Unitarian Universalist congregations will vote on the revised language for Article II at General Assembly this June. Congregations are encouraged to coordinate with their delegates to ensure that the votes they cast reflect the congregation’s wishes. Learn more about GA, delegates, and voting and be sure you are registered to attend either in person or online so you can be part of this historic time in our tradition.

Now is the Time

Spring 2023 is a critically important time for individual UUs and congregations to get organized to make an impact on the outcome of the Article II revision process. Congregations are currently in a period of discussion and discernment and April and May will bring opportunities to propose changes to the Commission’s revised language.

Additional Resources

The Article II Study Commission concluded their work of two years and submitted a report with recommendations for revisions to the UUA Board of Trustees on January 17, 2023. The full report can be found here:

A message from UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray: “Why Change Our UU Principles?”

At the 2/13/2023 UUA Board of Trustees meeting, they agreed to follow the process recommended in these slides for Proposed Article II Amendments, indicating their intention to approve rule changes and submission deadlines at a future Board meeting.

The complete minutes from the 2/13/2023 UUA Board meeting can be found here. Notice the following timeline in this excerpt from those minutes:

Executive Vice President Carey McDonald reviewed the potential process for receiving, considering, and prioritizing amendments to the Article II proposed changes. This included broad engagement with UU congregations and leaders in February and March. In April, the UUA would open a form that allowed any UU to submit suggestions, and publish those suggestions to encourage collaboration and consolidation. In May, the Board would host workshops to discuss potential changes, which would also be open to any UU. In June, delegates would have to submit the formal amendments via the delegate platform, hopefully derived from the public collaborative process.

Members are encouraged to review the Study Commission Report linked above and to participate in the online Forums as able.

Frequently Asked Questions:  Article II Study and Revisions