Is protecting and preserving the earth an imperative for you? If so we’d like to engage you in imagining what we can do as a Fellowship to help achieve these goals. EcoSolutions is a very active committee, and our next meeting will focus on continuing to turn passion for the environment into ideas and action. All members are invited to share their thoughts at the meeting. Attendance doesn’t commit you to anything, although you might just get excited by ideas that are generated.

The Care Committee continues to need volunteers to provide a meal for persons in our Fellowship who are having trouble getting a regular meal. (Some persons also would prefer a vegetarian option.) If you are able to help, contact the Care Committee at

The process to be added to the Facebook Discussion Group is to send an email to Caron Armstrong and ask to be added. Caron asks all new members if they want to be added when they join. Any existing members who want to be added should ask Caron.

Participants will develop skills and tools to enhance their deeper engagement in Fellowship life. In three two-hour sessions, we will explore best practices in professional leadership development. Participation will not commit you to taking on a leadership position, but will help deepen your relationships and help you recognize how your unique talents can benefit our fellowship. Participation will require a computer, tablet or laptop. RSVP to Chris Kelsey ( no later than Monday, January 11.

In January, Restoration and Renewal will offer an interactive program: Next Level Awareness-Walk in Our Moccasins: What Would You Do? What Can You Do?  A panel of Restoration and Renewal members will share their real life experiences as people of color. Some experiences will provide you an opportunity to consider, and share IF you wish, how YOU would react in that same situation. You’ll also learn how to enhance your skills as an ally to people of color.

Christmas and New Year’s occur on Fridays this year. Friday Joys will be on hiatus for these holidays. The last Friday Joys of 2020 will occur on Friday, December 18 and resume on Friday, January 8, 2021.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for more Joy!

Have you wanted to deepen your understanding of racial bias, but are overwhelmed by sifting through the multitude of ways to do so? The Fellowship’s Community Transformation Team developed an interactive list of resources specific to adults, teens and children to deepen their appreciation of what racial bias means in their lives and the lives of others. The list provides users the ability to click on links for each resource to learn more. Resources include books, films and videos, recommended materials for children, and Facebook sites. As noted by Restoration and Renewal, All of us are impacted by racial bias. No matter where we are on the “awareness spectrum,” we all have the capacity to stretch, grow, and take our awareness to the next level. Use the link below to explore the resources on our website. To kick off these resources, two of the books will be featured book discussions in November and December. Watch for additional information.

Click on the link below, scroll down to Community Transformation and you will see the resources. Expand this screen to make it easier to view. If you click on each resource it takes you to an expanded description.


Everyone is invited to check out the updated pages on the website:
Religious Education for Families and Youth

There are multiple ways for All families to engage and connect, including ways to volunteer.
Contact Pam if you have questions or want to get more involved.

The Care Committee welcomed Reverend Ed to our monthly meeting to introduce him to our organization and its activities. He was most appreciative of our work and its continuing efforts to keep up with the needs of the congregation.

The NC General Assembly reconvened Sept. 2nd The primary focus on the legislature will be how to spend the $900 million remaining in federal COVID-19 funding which must be spent by the end of 2020. Governor Cooper’s priorities for spending are described here:’s-future
Call your NC legislators to encourage their support of his proposals. Find them at