Connecting with Technology

Can you help us improve our broadcasting and conferencing capabilities? If you haven’t already, please consider a donation to our Tech Fund for audio/video equipment.

As we begin to gather again, we carry with us what we learned from the pandemic experience. Among the most important of these lessons is the value of staying connected and how technology can play a vital role. There are many who, for a variety of reasons, will still be unable to participate in services, activities, and other events because they can not physically attend. Broadcasting our services and providing online conferencing for meetings offers them a way to be more engaged in the life of the Fellowship. It’s also an excellent way for someone to check us out before they walk through the doors.

We are raising funds to purchase equipment to make this possible. And right now, the next $4,000 in donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous member. You can make your contribution online using the Donate button at (select Donate Online Now and Tech Fund from the menu) or sending a check to the Fellowship office (write “Tech Fund” on the memo line). If you have questions, please contact Thank you for your support!