Considering Membership?

One of the great privileges of official membership at UUFWS is the opportunity to vote on important business. While voting membership is not a requirement to lend your voice to town halls and general goings-on, the vote is for those who have chosen official membership. And there’s a big vote on the horizon!

If you’d like to be a member who votes to call our new settled minister in April, please connect with Caron Armstrong right away.  There will be a pause in signing new members between March 23 and mid-late April after the ministerial call vote. So don’t hesitate!

This message is especially for anyone who’s been around for awhile and has been considering membership, anyone who’s been to a Pathways class but has not yet signed the membership book, and anyone who’s been a member of a UU congregation previously. Email Caron at with questions or to schedule a conversation about becoming an official voting member of the Fellowship!