Donate Your Daffodils!

If anyone has an abundance of daffodils that you need to thin out, we’d love to plant them at the Fellowship to brighten up our grounds.

It’s best to wait 8-10 weeks after the flowers die OR when the leaves begin to turn yellow and flop over before you dig them. It’s also best to dig before all the leaves have turned completely brown because the bulbs will then be difficult to find.  Some green color in the leaves will help you find your bulbs and may also help you get them out of the ground.

Once dug, bring them to the Fellowship and let us know where and when you’ve left them by emailing, so we can enlist the new Flower Brigade to help with planting.

We’re also looking for donations of creeping phlox, cone flowers (echinacea) and black eyed susans (rudbeckia), so please think of the Fellowship if you thin these from your gardens.

And, if you’d like to join the Flower Brigade or have questions, email Thank you!