As part of our mission to protect and preserve the planet and in keeping with our climate resolution, the Fellowship has a team dedicated to educating and leading our congregation on all topics related to environmental sustainability. The EcoSolutions Team is open to all and maintains the following list of resources to assist us all in becoming more sustainable. To join the EcoSolutions Team, email We meet 4 times a year and lead a variety of projects and outings. Join us. We have fun!

Helpful Resources to Move You Along the Path Toward Sustainable Living

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Take your own bags to the grocery store

Keep reusable containers in your car to take into restaurants for leftovers

Eliminate paper napkins by switching to cloth

Complete a home garbage audit to assess reduction opportunities

Recycle all paper, glass, aluminum and plastics 1&2

Measure your carbon footprint; set reduction targets

Complete an audit to assess your consumption  


Convert to a mainly or full plant diet

Reduce meat intake by specific number of days or meals

Reduce processed food

Purchase locally grown and/or organic food

Compost your food scraps or use a compost pickup service


Turn your home into a healthy home.

Convert to green cleaning supplies

Reduce your water usage

Switch to LED and other energy efficient lighting

Use rechargeable batteries. 

Reduce vampire/phantom energy by turning off unused appliances and charging plugs. 

Insulate your windows, doors, outlets and lighting fixtures

Add more insulation to your attic and/or crawlspace

  • Insulation saves homeowners money and improves comfort.
  • Moisture Control – Controlling moisture can make your home more energy-efficient, less costly to heat and cool, and more comfortable.
  • Ventilation – Controlled ventilation keeps energy-efficient homes healthy and comfortable.

Add solar water heater, tankless or other energy efficient option for hot water

Add solar panels to heat/condition your home

Downsize your living space


Drive less- combine errands and trips

Use public transportation for local and long distance trips

Rent a pickup truck from the home goods store instead of owning one

Research and test drive electric vehicles next time you vehicle shop

Research and test drive hybrid vehicles next time you vehicle shop

Carpool, rideshare or bike to work (once you return to work) or use public transportation

Commit to offset your air or vehicle travel carbon output

Take and support  the no idle pledge


Avoid pesticides/herbicides in your lawn/garden

Plant native flowers, bushes, and/or trees in your yard (or pots on porch)

Convert part of your lawn or garden space to a natives pollinator garden

Capture storm water in rain gardens, rain barrels and/or vegetated areas


Contact an elected official at least once a month re: the climate crisis

Join & support at least two local environmental organizations

Vote for elected official dedicated to addressing the climate crisis

Join EcoSolutions, our very own UU eco group

  • Email to add your name on our email list to receive notices about outings and events


Consider buying clothes that are not from the “fast fashion industry” or clothes that are mostly from synthetic materials made from petroleum products.

Get a home energy audit

Use web browsers, mobile phone companies, etc. that give back

  • plants trees for every web search you make. Your searches plant trees in some of the harshest places on Earth. In Burkina Faso, they make the desert fertile again.
  • – since 1985, CREDO Donations top $91 million, funded solely through the revenue from CREDO products like CREDO Long Distance, Working Assets Credit Card, CREDO Mobile and CREDO Energy.

Make sustainable furniture choices

Complete a garbage/waste audit

Download an app that has suggestions on reducing your carbon footprint.

  • For example:  Earth Hero

Consider a “green burial”

View, download or print the Climate Crisis Commitment Agreement and make your choices.

View, download or print a handy guide for UU peer support. Let your UU friends assist you! (Members only.)

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