First Annual UU Pumpkin Chunkin & Spud Sling

Save the date: Sunday December 5th, immediately after the service in our front field

What’s a Pumpkin Chunkin & Spud Sling you may be wondering? Bring your small ornamental pumpkins and gourds and/or any unused potatoes that didn’t make it onto your holiday table (you know– the ones with that weird green spot or too many bumpy potato eyes!). Or just bring yourself, family and friends. Then select a vegetable (we’ll have some to share) and enhance it with colored markers to be uniquely yours. Next, you step up to the specially installed slingshot (patent pending) and sling your vegetable into the air toward a target. Best of all, everyone can participate. It’s easy.
Prizes will be awarded for:
-closest to the target
-farthest distance achieved
-shortest distance achieved
-most spectacular failure
-youngest participant
-oldest participant
This is also a spectator sport. Bring your lawn chairs and a picnic. Line the driveway to cheer on the chunkers & slingers.

Slung potatoes, small pumpkins, and small gourds will be left in the field to feed our resident deer and other critters. Larger pumpkins and leftover jack-o-lanterns (without wax or residue) are welcome to be hand-flung amongst the slung vegetation at the end of the event.

Questions? Contact Sue & Rich Freeman at