Thank You Message from Cathy Kelley

To All at the Fellowship,

Wow – what a day!  I was honored, humbled and so very grateful for all that happened at the service on December 19th.  You went above and beyond with your gifts and words and I cannot thank you enough for all that you did.

Rev. Ed, I don’t even know where to begin.  Who knew acting was offered as an elective at seminary?  What a performance!  This, along with your kind and supportive words, made for a very special service.

Jenny, thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to participate in the service.  Your kind words meant a lot to me.  And by the way – Cutest. Elf. Ever.  I so enjoyed working with you and appreciate the trust and confidence you had in me to get the job done.  The Fellowship is in good hands with you at the helm.

Caron and Pam, you are just the best.  Having been banned from the RE wing for a couple of weeks, I know you spent a lot of time putting together EVERYTHING!  From the Dateline episode to the purple order of service you had in our chairs, no detail was missed.  Even if you did out me as an Outlaw. :-).  I was touched more than you know by all that you did, especially your sharing of memories and sweet thoughts.

Mignon, I loved the music.  I especially enjoyed your rendition of “Under the Boardwalk”.  Beach music like I have never heard it!  I so appreciate you checking with me to see what music I would enjoy and then planning accordingly.  It was beautiful!  Also, thank you for the cookies I discovered in the freezer with my name on them.  They were delish!

To all staff, thank you for the very thoughtful gift card to Old Fourth Street Filling Station.  Our family had a delightful lunch thanks to you.  I also absolutely love the beautiful table runner that you commissioned Geraldine to make.  I can’t wait to use this in a special place in my new home.  Geraldine, you do good work!   I couldn’t have asked for a better staff to work alongside, and I am going to miss you all.  The Fellowship is very fortunate to have you all on board.

To the Board and all members and friends, I was absolutely blown away by your generous gifts to me. Wow.  I have already gifted myself with an Apple Watch and iPad and the rest will most definitely be used in our new home.  And maybe for a couple of bottles of Chardonnay water.  I cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for your cards, notes, emails and phone calls that I received not only in the last few months but over the years.  I always felt supported and appreciated and your kind words meant the most to me.  I will miss you all and hope our paths will cross again.