Guide to Joining Online Events

While the Fellowship is closed, we will be offering a variety of events online-only. We hope you will use your computer, tablet or phone to join us. At the moment we are using either Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet as platforms for online meetings. Both of these give you the choice to see other participants – and be seen! You can leave your camera off, if you prefer, but part of the experience is seeing everyone else who’s there.


You can run Zoom on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Or, you can call in for voice only.

The link provided will take you to Zoom and you will be given the choice to download the app or continue using your browser. We recommend that you download the Zoom App ten minutes prior to your meeting. It’s not essential but your performance will be enhanced. You only have to do it once.

If the participant limit has been reached or you prefer an audio connection with no video, you can just call in on your phone using the number and passcode listed in the event description.

  • To participate on your computer, click on the link provided in the email or on the website. Once in Zoom, follow the instructions to enter the meeting.
  • To participate on your smartphone or tablet, install the Zoom app. Then click on the link provided in the email or on the website. Once in Zoom, follow the instructions to enter the meeting.
  • To hear but not see, call the number listed in the email or on the website, enter the passcode, and follow the instructions given to you. This is your only option if your computer has no video or audio.

In response to recent security concerns, some activities may now require registration before you can receive the actual link to the meeting. The only information required is first and last name and email address. Think of it as “putting on your nametag”!

Once you have joined the meeting, Zoom will ask permission to use your microphone and camera. Everyone whose camera is turned on is displayed in a gallery of images on all screens. Your microphone will start off muted. Please keep it muted unless you are talking to the entire group. That prevents background noise and improves the experience for everyone else. You can mute and un-mute by clicking the microphone icon.

If you can’t hear the audio, click on the up arrow beside the microphone icon on the bottom left menu (menu appears when you mouse over it), click on Test Speaker & Microphone and perform the tests. If that doesn’t work or you are having other technical problems, use the chat feature (bottom menu) to let us know. We will do our best to help you resolve it.

Here’s a Zoom tutorial on how to join a meeting. You can even do a practice meeting:

Here’s a basic guide to some of the controls you can use during a meeting:  (Note: Some features are only available to the meeting host.)

Google Hangouts Meet

You can join a Google Hangouts Meeting using your computer or phone. You will need the link to the event OR the phone number and code. These links and codes will be included in the event description. Click or call to participate, and follow the instructions. You will be placed in the waiting room until the host approves you. Contact Pam Lepley at if you have difficulty accessing a Google Hangouts meeting.