Update on Use of Mini Capital Campaign Funds

From the Building Improvement Task Force 

Update on Work Using Mini Capital Campaign Funds

Building repairs, equipment replacement and other projects at the Fellowship made possible by generous contributions to the Mini Capital Campaign continue.

NEWS FLASH! The big news is that the long-ago congregation-approved demolition of the house at the front of our property is DONE!  You may recall that the building contained asbestos and was not financially feasible to salvage.  In addition, due to deterioration it had become both an eyesore and a liability to the Fellowship.   

Anyone who’s been inside the Fellowship recently knows that the Fellowship Hall HVAC has been going out intermittently.  We’ve been hoping to put off replacing it until March because the weather will be better for the outside work that needs to be done.  In addition, once the old unit is removed, it could be at least a week before the new unit is installed and functional.  So, we’ll continue to weigh when it’s best to move forward on this, but it will be sooner rather than later.  Meantime, as Jenny said in her recent message, bundle up when coming to the building!

Projects near completion: 

  • Demolish house in front of UUFWS property
  • Replace Fellowship Hall HVAC with energy-efficient unit 

Projects completed:

  • Replaced office and RE wing heating and air conditioning systems
  • Removed dead tree from Fellowship grounds
  • Replaced wall ovens in Fellowship kitchen
  • Bolstered Building/Equipment and Grounds Reserves
  • Replaced RE wing hot water tank

Projects yet to be completed:

  • Insulate Fellowship building for improved energy efficiency
  • Seal and repaint main parking area
  • Gravel main parking lot and overflow parking at Clothes Closet
  • Complete undertaken playground maintenance 
  • Replace carpet and tile as needed in building

For the most part, supply chain problems, weather issues or slowdowns in permitting processes have delayed the projects not yet completed.  But the Building Improvement Task Force continues to meet and make progress.  You can count on us to finish the projects and share the good news with you when they are done.

Thank you for making it all possible!

Megan Foster for the Building Improvement Task Force (BIT)

BIT members: Megan Foster – Chair, Julie Palm, Tom Ricono, Sue Freeman, Josh Loew, Herman Schmid