Last Tai Chi Class on Monday, May 31, @ 2 pm

For many Mondays during the pandemic, Fellowship members and friends have gathered on the grounds for a Tai Chi class led by Misako Kay. Misako has generously shared her time and talent with us, and she is willing to consider offering the class again in the future if there’s interest. Here are some of the testimonials from regular participants:

“Thank you, Misako! We have enjoyed every session and are so grateful for your willingness to teach and guide us.”
~Andi and Ken Ostberg

“Misako, it was so generous of you to provide these classes for us! I enjoyed and benefited from them and look forward to taking more classes from you in the future.” ~Kathy Johnson

“Tai Chi has been so helpful for improving balance and strength. Thank you Misako; I greatly appreciated your classes.”
~Deborah Strube

Thank you, Misako. And thank you, Helen Etters, for your help in safely coordinating a Fellowship activity in a pandemic!