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Looking Back: How UUism Will Save US

This past Sunday, we focused on talking about why we believe in and give to this Fellowship, and to this Unitarian Universalist faith. Pledges for next Fiscal Year (July 2024-June 2025) are due April 15th, so this was our “Stewardship Sunday”. If you missed the sermon, you can watch it here. (You can also find highlights from the Minister’s proposed budget here, or you can pledge here.)

We discussed that Unitarian Universalism, as a theologically pluralistic tradition should be the religion for our times and our future, according to Religious Scholar Diana Eck. We also heard from Rev. John Dietrich (Unitarian Minister and founder of American Humanism) on how he believes in UUism because it has the capacity to make real social change in our world. He shared that if we believe this too, we ought to be committed to growing and sharing our faith!

If you too believe that UUism has the capacity to make real social change in our world, you can take action this Saturday by answering an ask from Forsyth County’s Industrial Areas Foundation and show up for the Latino Congress and their work to make our community better for all. Read more on this action here.