Leadership Development Scholarships Available

The Leadership Development Committee is pleased to offer scholarships to cover tuition for these two upcoming on-line leadership training opportunities offered by the UUA, Southern Region.  The first opportunity ($35) is designed for those that have not done other leadership training through the Southern District.  The second ($75) has prerequisites, which are listed in the description.

One of our members took the Primer course in the fall and found it valuable.  She will be taking the second course this spring.

If you are interested, please write to Paul Decker and Janet Zehr, LDC Chairs,  at leadershipdevelopment@uufws.org.

Opportunity #1

Primer Leadership Experience

March 2 or June 1

Back by popular demand – we heard your requests and are bringing back the Primer Leadership Experience for Spring 2022!

Participants will emerge from this experience equipped with the foundational knowledge needed for congregational leadership. This series focuses on Unitarian Universalist History, Polity, and Theology. This event includes both self-paced video learning and a live, online, group processing session (you choose the live date that works best for you). The cost is $35 per person.

Watch an introductory video hereRegister today!

Opportunity # 2

Breakthrough Leadership Experience

This online leadership development training is meant to help your congregation breakthrough its old patterns and habits and fully incarnate Unitarian Universalism in your Beloved Community.


The Breakthrough Leadership Experience (Breakthrough LE) series is a three-session experience with recorded lectures, supplemental materials, and activities. This event runs from February through May 2022 and includes three live group processing sessions (held on March 12th, April 9th, and May 14th).


The topics for the three sessions are Incarnational UU Theology, Covenant Beyond Walls, and Justice is what Love Looks Like in Public.


To register for this event participants must have previously attended a Southern Region Leadership Experience. Completion of any one of these events meet this requirement:

  • Essentials Leadership Experience
  • Extended Leadership Experience (ExLE, either in-person or virtual/online version)
  • Condensed Leadership Experience
  • SUULE (2014 or more recently)
  • DBLE (2014 or more recently)


The cost is $75 per person. We encourage congregations to support their eligible leaders who wish to participate in this event. Due to limited registration spaces available for this Breakthrough LE we encourage anyone interested in this event to register soon. Registration link: https://uua.wufoo.com/forms/breakthrough-leadership-experience-2022/.


Please let us know if you have any questions about the Breakthrough Leadership Experience (or any of our events!). Learn more about our current Leadership Development offerings here.