Our Search for a New Minister

We’re in the midst of a nearly year-long process of selecting our next minister, following timelines and procedures set by the Unitarian Universalist Association. We’re grateful to Rev. Ed Brock’s service as our current Accredited Interim Minister and Transition Specialist and are excited to begin our next phase of Fellowship life with our new minister in the summer of 2023.

Search Schedule Key Dates

March 2022
Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) named

August/September/October 2022
MSC queries congregation via survey and cottage meetings

October 8-9, 2022
“Beyond Categorical Thinking” workshop and Sunday service (More info)

November 2022
MSC shares survey results with the congregation

November 15, 2022
MSC submits the Fellowship’s Congregational Record to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). (The Congregational Record is the “packet” of documents, videos, survey/small group meeting results, minister’s compensation package/contract, and much more information that congregations use to introduce themselves to UU ministers in search.)

December 1, 2022
The Fellowship’s Congregational Record will be released to all UU ministers in search.

Early January 2023
MSC will do initial evaluations of ministerial applicants interested in the Fellowship and conduct Zoom interviews with several applicants.

February-March 2023
MSC will invite three applicants for Pre-Candidating Weekends, when MSC will get to know the applicants better, interview them and see them preach in front of another congregation (i.e., “neutral pulpit” sites)

April 2023
MSC will host Candidating Week!

During Candidating Week, the MSC’s choice for the Fellowship’s new settled minister will lead two Sunday services and meet with congregational members, committees/teams, board, and staff. On the second Sunday of that week, immediately after the service, the congregation will vote to call the candidate as our next settled minister.

What it Means to be “In Search” – The Practical and the Profound


Through December 2022, MSC members can freely talk with the congregation and staff about most aspects of the ministerial search process. Once MSC receives ministerial applicant names in early January 2023, it must keep the names of all applicants and aspects of Pre-Candidating Weekends confidential.

The Settlement Handbook

The Fellowship, like other UU congregations, conducts the search for a settled minister according to schedules and procedures laid out in the UUA Settlement Handbook issued by the UUA Transitions Office.

You can read the handbook here:

Your Trusted Search Committee Members

Geraldine Zurek, chair
Elizabeth Burner
Truman Dunn
Terri LeGrand
Kathy Orms
Julie Palm
Herman Schmid
Mitch Termotto
Angie Vincoli

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Contact the Committee

If you have questions about the search process, email msc@uufws.org. The chair, Geraldine Zurek, can also be reached individually and confidentially at searchchair@uufws.org.