Nominate a TEAM for the 2021 Jo Dawson Service Award

Each year we honor a person, couple, or family who has made significant contributions of time and talent to the Fellowship.

In April of this year, we lost our dear member and friend for whom this award is named. To mark this year, we’re changing the requirements for the 2021 Award. It’s taken teamwork to get through these challenging times, and Jo was a dedicated collaborator. In 2021, consider nominating a Fellowship TEAM and nominate all the members of that team to be the 2021 recipients.

We, the Jo Dawson Service Award Task Force, will select the team from nominations received from YOU. The deadline for nominations is Sunday, November 14. Nomination forms and details are available online using this form.

Nominees should:

~be members, supporters, or associate members in good standing;
~demonstrate a history of engagement in activities that contributed meaningfully to congregational life in challenging times;
~reflect a commitment to the seven principles and be in covenant with the Fellowship mission and vision statements.

Mission Statement: To foster spiritual growth, care for each other, protect and preserve the earth, and work for peace and justice.

Vision Statement: To become a fully inclusive, compassionate faith community known for working boldly and deeply for justice.

Nominees may be couples, families or TEAMS of unrelated Fellowship members/supporters/associate members. In 2021, members of a team may have been previous recipients of the award as long as the 2021 team contains a different combination of people than in previous years.

Past Recipients
1999- Jo Dawson
2000- Family Schmid – Ernie, Donna, Herman and Cindy Naylor
2001- Harold O. and Shirley Goodman
2002- Arch and Jessie Bush
2003- Arnold and Marjorie Gelbin
2004- Tom and Daisy Fowler
2005- Dee Best
2006- Susan Ott
2007- Geraldine Zurek
2008- Susan and Jack Campbell
2009- Gregg Jamback
2010- Janet Loew
2011- Joan Wright and Will Wright
2012 – Patty and Tom Ricono
2013- Janet Owen and Seretha Masdon
2014- Dave Moffatt, Anne Garvey, Caitlin and Ruth Moffatt
2015- Andi and Ken Ostberg
2016- Ann Barefield
2017- Pat Reck and Alexandra Carpenter
2018- Pat and Tom McKay
2019- Loretta Arnn and Chris Kelsey
2020- Kathy Orms

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Questions? Email Caron at

We welcome your nominations between now and Sunday, November 14!

The Jo Dawson Service Award Task Force,

Ann Barefield
Pat McKay
Tom McKay
Andi Ostberg
Ken Ostberg