Humanism with heart

Not a Farewell

It is with some mixed emotions that we have decided to bring the Humanism with Heart (HWH) group to a close here at the end of 2022. You may recall that HWH started as Eric’s brainchild back in 2014—eight years ago! We have both learned so much during these years and had the privilege of taking part in so many interesting discussions. We have greatly enjoyed the camaraderie and the many meals out at Kimono’s at our Humanist Lunch Bunch!

Why stop now? All good things come to an end, and it seemed to both of us that now is a fitting time to wrap things up. Work has been busy for both of us lately, we have covered over 100 topics, and it seemed like HWH’s natural time had come.

Neither of us is moving out of town, and we hope that we will be seeing you soon. Thank you so much for your ideas, your participation, and your conversations. We deeply appreciate your shared interest in humanism, and especially your friendship.

Feel free to reach out to us via Email at

Take care and be well!
Eric Townson and Barrett Evans