Sunday Nursery

John Murray room 4055 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC

Children under the age of three will meet in the Murray Room with Lillian Dutrow and/or Amelia Bodner, nursery staff.


Religious Education for Children and Youth

Emerson & Thoreau rooms 4055 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC

Children ages 3 through 11 will meet either outdoors on the playground or indoors in the Emerson/Thoreau Rooms depending on the weather and interests of the children.


Youth Group

Susan B. Anthony Room

Middle and High School youth will meet from 10:30-11:30 am in the Anthony Room.  Joy Irwin and Pam Lepley will share facilitation of the youth group.


Coffee Chat

Library, Online

Gather for conversation and catching up with old and new friends. At this time there is no food or beverage when attending indoor gatherings - please remember to wear a mask while indoors. Members and friends can Zoom in to the gathering with this link:

Spring Picnic – Auction Item

OUTSIDE - brick patio and surrounding area 4055 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC

Auction Item - Spring Picnic hosted by Pam Lepley. Winners of this Auction item will be contacted directly with detailed information.