An Invitation from the Membership Team

It’s been an exciting year! There’s a new energy at the Fellowship and many new faces on Sunday mornings.  The Membership Team invites you to extend a warm Fellowship Welcome to each other, and especially to visitors and newcomers.

Here are some tips for being Radically Welcoming:

  • PARKING: If you’re willing and able, please park at the Clothes Closet in the gravel lot, then follow the new mulched path. If mobility is not a concern for you, you may wish to park in the large gravel lot close to the tree line, especially if you arrive early. No spaces in the parking lot might be wrongly interpreted as no space in our growing congregation!
  • GREETING: Look for new people when it’s time to greet each other at the beginning of the service. If someone is wearing a sticky name tag, it may be their first visit. If they’re wearing a white printed name tag, they may be a newcomer or still getting to know the congregation. Greet them and consider an extended conversation during coffee hour. If you discover that they’re visiting for the first (or second) time, help them find the New Here Gathering in the Whitney Young Welcome Room after the service!
  • GREETING 2.0: Ask open ended questions as conversation starters. Some favorites from our seasoned Sunday Greeters:
    • Good morning. My name is ___________. Have we met?
    • Welcome to the Fellowship. How did you find us?
    • Are there any questions I can answer for you?
  • SEATING: Move toward the front of the Fellowship Hall and leave seats on the aisles if you’re willing and able. It’s radically welcoming for visitors and newcomers to find a seat quickly and easily. The room is getting crowded, a good problem to have, and we must be intentional about leaving easily accessible spaces for newcomers.  Reminder: Seats with handles are to support members and friends whose mobility is challenging. Leave them open if you don’t need them.


Questions? Email the Membership Team at or reach out to Caron Armstrong at