masksReopening… Responsibly

The Fellowship is a community, and we strive to meet the diverse needs of our members, staff, friends and guests when it comes to safely meeting in-person again. We are moving deliberately and respectfully with a phased plan for reopening the Fellowship, using a data and values driven framework to guide us.

Outdoor Meetings

Beginning May 23, you may gather outside on the Fellowship grounds without masks or social distancing if you’re comfortable doing so and your entire group agrees. Reminder: you must reserve space using this form just as you would for indoor meeting rooms. This allows equitable access to outdoor areas and contributes to the safety of our community.

Indoor Meetings

Beginning June 9, you may gather inside the Fellowship for committee meetings, programming and events. Please note that masks should be worn in all common areas: foyer, halls, kitchen, bathrooms and Fellowship Hall. You may remove masks within a meeting room, if you’re comfortable doing so, IF your entire group agrees and there are no children in the room. Reminder: you must reserve meeting space using this form.

Sunday Services

Beginning July 4, we will offer our Sunday Worship Service both in-person and online at 10:30am. This transition to multi-platform (in-person and online) programming requires the installation of new technology. Please be patient as we upgrade our systems to provide the best possible virtual experience for those unable or uncomfortable attending in-person. For the time being, please wear a mask throughout the building during our Sunday Worship Services and immediately after. Thank you.

Where do I go?

The timing for switching from virtual to in-person will be different for every committee, group, and program. Some programming may remain virtual. Check the calendar to determine whether your meetings will occur online, in-person or both. If still in doubt, contact the organizer of the event, or call the office.

Do I have to wear a mask?

For the time being, we ask everyone to wear a mask in the common areas, such as the foyer, halls, kitchen, bathrooms and Fellowship Hall. However, if you are meeting in the library or classrooms, you may remove your mask if 1) you are comfortable doing so, 2) there are no children in the room, and 3) everyone in the room agrees. Masks are required throughout the building during Sunday Services. Masks are not required outside unless you are close to children.

What does “multi-platform” mean?

“Multi-platform” means the event is offered both in-person and online. Check the calendar for details on how to participate and chose the platform that best meets your needs.

What about our children?

All religious education (RE) activities throughout the summer (except for the nursery) will take place outdoors. Registration and advance sign-up are required for everyone. Please check with Pam Lepley at for registration details.