Reserve your outdoor space now and get your event on the website calendar! You MUST reserve space just as you would for indoor meeting rooms. This allows equitable access to outdoor areas and contributes to the safety of our community. The building is still closed through May 31 based on the most recent Board vote. The next Board meeting on May 20 will include a decision about next steps (based on recommendations from one of the Board’s task forces).

The updated Announcement Request Form is now on the website, expanding on outdoor spaces to reserve according to previously Board approved guidelines.

Coming Soon!
~Use of the new back patio, which has been delayed due to permitting issues. The Himanshu Gopalan and Smeeta Souza-Roy Bequest Team is working hard to open this outdoor meeting space.

~Plumbing is being repaired. The Building Committee will let us know when it’s fixed so that outdoor gatherings can use indoor restrooms following the current Board approved guidelines. Plan accordingly until then.

When reserving your space, consider your group’s accessibility needs in terms of mobility and outdoor tech options. Connectivity is good in most outdoor spaces and the Tech Team is working toward expanded wifi availability. Coming soon– a pro-tips guide for multi-platform (in-person + Zoom presence) outdoor gathering!