Resources for Expanding Understanding of Racial Bias

Have you wanted to deepen your understanding of racial bias, but are overwhelmed by sifting through the multitude of ways to do so? The Fellowship’s Community Transformation Team developed an interactive list of resources specific to adults, teens and children to deepen their appreciation of what racial bias means in their lives and the lives of others. The list provides users the ability to click on links for each resource to learn more. Resources include books, films and videos, recommended materials for children, and Facebook sites. As noted by Restoration and Renewal, All of us are impacted by racial bias. No matter where we are on the “awareness spectrum,” we all have the capacity to stretch, grow, and take our awareness to the next level. Use the link below to explore the resources on our website. To kick off these resources, two of the books will be featured book discussions in November and December. Watch for additional information.

Click on the link below, scroll down to Community Transformation and you will see the resources. Expand this screen to make it easier to view. If you click on each resource it takes you to an expanded description.