Mindfulness Mondays

Gatherings of Mindfulness Mondays are multi-platform, on Zoom and also at the Fellowship either indoors or on the grounds depending on weather conditions.

The Zoom link is below for those who’d prefer to join digitally. Anyone who shows up at the Fellowship at 11 am on Mondays will walk the Fellowship grounds for a walking meditation or find a quiet spot to sit during the meditation portion of the gathering. We will follow the Board’s approved safety guidelines for indoor and outdoor gathering.

This mindfulness hour is open to everyone who practices any form of mindfulness and/or meditation. If you’re someone who doesn’t practices meditation/mindfulness but you’re interested and you want to know more, this program is also for you.

The hour begins with a chalice lighting followed by a brief check-in. Next, we have 20 minutes of meditation time.  When we come back together we check-in about mindfulness challenges, successes, and resources. At noon, we wish each other well and to extinguish the chalice. Whether you have a long established practice, are a novice, or would just like to know more–you are welcome at this weekly gathering.

If you’re unable to attend but you want to know more, email Caron at coordinator@uufws.org.

Join here: https://uufws.org/virtual-meditation-mindfulness


CLICK HERE to view or comment on an evolving resource list co-created by Mindfulness Monday participants.