The Hispanic League (of Winston-Salem) will be the UUFWS Share the Plate recipient for September.

The Hispanic League (HL) of W.S. greatly improves the Winston-Salem community through ambitious multicultural offerings, and strong, vital support for our Hispanic neighbors. This will be the 28th year of the Hispanic League’s Fiesta, which, this year must be virtual, during much of September, with the opening highlighted day being Sept 12. For decades, the HL has continuously strengthened its Hispanic Middle School Achiever’s program, which gives role models, structure and discipline to many students. Since 2000, the HL has awarded 490+ well-deserving local Hispanic students with, cumulatively, over one million in higher education scholarships. The HL, working with their community partners, provide essential services, such as community ID cards (accepted by banks, police, etc), free health drives, and vital informational sessions.