The Social Action Council (SAC) is letting you know that … it’s that time again! It’s time to nominate your favorite non-profit organizations to receive proceeds from our monthly plate collections. Each month, the Fellowship shares 50% of all plate collections with a non-profit organization meets the following criteria:

• Does work in or for the benefit of Winston Salem and/or Forsyth County NC
• Upholds the Fellowship’s Mission and/or Vision
• Coincides and does not conflict with Unitarian Universalist Principles

The Social Action Council also strongly encourage nomination of groups who work to improve racial equity, particularly in the local educational system.

Please let the Social Action Council know who you believe is doing great work in our community, and could use a few extra dollars to make a difference. We can’t donate to individuals, unless a 501c-3 entity can receive a pass-through donation on their behalf (it’s a tax thing). If an organization has been a share-the-plate recipient in the past, that’s OK. We enjoy sharing with folks who are still doing the work!

Thanks for everything you are doing in the community, and everything you contribute to our Fellowship. Without you, we’d be pretty lonely.

Working to build a new way,
Your Social Action Council